The Seller guarantees that the puppy has had its dew claws removed; has been wormed;
has received its first set of vaccinations (certificate attached) at 6-7 weeks of age;
and has been tattooed OR microchiped in his neck (at the buyer’s request). The seller also warrants that the puppy was given a thorough physical examination at the time of vaccination and was found to be in good health.

The Seller certifies that both parents are free of hip dysplasia. In the event that the puppy develops hip dysplasia, the Seller shall provide the Buyer with another puppy or a refund as described below, only after the Seller has received from the Buyer appropriate documentation establishing: (a) that a radiographic evaluation of the puppy’s pelvis was submitted to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for certification before the puppy attained the age of thirthy (30) months; (b) that the Buyer took all reasonable measures to minimize the puppy’s exposure to all non-genetic factors that commonly contribute to or facilitate the development of hip dysplasia. This includes providing high quality nutrition, regular exercise, high traction flooring in the puppy’s living quarters and ensuring that the puppy does not become overweight. In the event that the puppy cannot be certified as described above, the Buyer shall have the puppy neutered and shall provide the Seller with proof thereof.

The Seller also warrants the puppy to be free of Progressive Retinal Atreophy (PRA) and retinal dysplasia for the same thirthy (30) months period.

The warranty will be void if the dog is sold, transferred or leased.

If execution of the warranty is necessary, the replacement will be effective in the next available litter, providing that the dog has been neutered or euthanized.

However, an animal showing signs of neglect, poor nutrition or ill-treatment will not be replaced.